Deliriously in Love

Autumn is coming. August is here, And I am longing for the return of the cool weather, warm tones, gleeful holidays, and the wonders of the end of the year. But since we're still in summer I will have to settle for visuals that stimulate the same type of feelings until the actual season arrives.... Continue Reading →

My friend and I spent the morning frosting cupcakes.... It was fun, BUT a little stressful at first! I didn't have crisco so buttercream was out. Then we found out we could use cream cheese, but I only had one out-of-date package...Luckily my neighbor had lots so she sent her girls over with a couple... Continue Reading →

This fits in my life time and time again. How is everyone's holiday preparations going? Mine? Ehhh... I have been working, but not as hard as I should be! What can I do to get myself more in the Christmas Spirit? Anyone with any ideas comment below... But don't ask this fish to climb a... Continue Reading →

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