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Feeling: perplexed, detached, like hiding, disconnected, disgruntled, irritable Asked about Monday dinner off.  Primary said it's up to me because I have a lot of restoration work to do.  Should have asked my dietician instead. Asked dietician about "restoration work". She said my weight leveled off, so another addition is added. Said my metabolism is... Continue Reading →

On My Way Down

Just a little something I wrote out the other day. I am finding that when I have the urge to write I should stop & do it immediately. It helps tremendously once my thoughts are all out. This little ditty exactly describes how I have been feeling lately. Also. I am probably going to be... Continue Reading →

Dialectical Behavior Therapy Smartphone Applications Review

Just a super interesting post! I’ve downloaded at least 3 of the apps to try out! Have a lovely evening everyone!

PS. I am not sure what happened to the images? If you scroll down there is a link to the original article… Sorry about that! I am computerless and trying to do it all on the iPhone or iPad app only works so well :)

DBT Peer Connections

With the advent of digital information and the world-wide web, the world of psychotherapy and society in general continues to look for new and useful ways to incorporate digital technologies into our everyday lives. Here the focus is specific to smart phone applications (Android, iOS7, etc.) that aim to incorporate aspects of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT).

To date, a variety of said applications can be downloaded for free and/or for a modest price on the market (either by web, iTunes, and/or Google Play) and new ones are certainly on the way. Each app presented and discussed below includes download links, developer’s summarized descriptions verbatim, and my personal review notes following (highlighted in red, bold type).

This list means to provide a general overview of available applications with user notes and is provided purely for your reference. User’s are informed to use the listed applications at their own discretion and are aware that the information provided herein does not mean to replace therapy…

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