Self Harm Inventory

Thoughts Surrounding Self Harm... I just want to die. I fucking hate myself. Just leave me alone. Let me be. I'm done. Nothing / no one is going to help. This (whatever you want me to do) isn't going to help. Be miserable. Just do it.  You'll feel better. Make yourself miserable. You know you... Continue Reading →

The Choice is Hard

Fine when I woke up. Gave into not wearing the same pair of shoes as yesterday. Chose DC's to wear with my black skirt. ED is pissed that I didn't change so I completed breakfast disorderedly. Kept disassociating. Laying down between groups. Super hard to stay conscious. Blackness envelopes me. Like sinking sand I'm sucked... Continue Reading →

Self Harm

As adept as I think I am with words I can never quite express my feelings and emotions in a practical way that helps others understand what I am experiencing. But these words, on this post, explain it exactly.

If you think I cut for attention, or to get sympathy, you are very, very wrong. Think I should just stop? Just get over it? If it were that simple I would.

Please, PLEASE, Read this post, and think about what you say and how you react the next time you find out someone cuts or self harms.


Trigger warning.

This is probably my most serious blog to date. I am going to discuss something many of you may not have heard of, hopefully not seen, hopefully not done. But should be aware of and I want you to understand why and not to judge.

If you are going to leave any comments on this Post, and I hope you do. Supportive only please. 

I hope when you have read this, you understand more.

The first part of this post is to bring awareness to what is happening in shadows. Possibly a bit why, and to provide an understanding, hopefully to eliminate judgement.

Later in the blog, I hope to offer something to the long sleeves. I say that with compassion, not ridicule. I don’t ridicule or judge. I am empathetic, I feel what you feel.

Ok there is a lot of confusion now, I am sure.

Self harm, what is…

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Ideation At Its, Uh, Finest

**TRIGGER WARNING** Safety. It is important to us all. Without it where would we be? Feeling safe is vital to our well-being, to our happiness, to our overall health in general. So imagine my discontent when I no longer feel safe around myself. Last time I wanted to cut my husband took the scissors I... Continue Reading →

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