I Am A Liar

  Quick thoughts for the day. I try not to lie.  I try Very Hard.  But my therapist brought the question of what constitutes a lie to my awareness today. For instance, if I am listening to someone speak and though they are rather droll and boring I pretend to act interested and make a... Continue Reading →

The Choice is Ours

"Whether I do or don't is not going to change God.  God is.  This is my opportunity."  ~Joyce Meyer Lets take our opportunities as God gives them to us!  They are not there for His benefit (He is already set; has everything He needs!), but for ours! Thank you Father for giving me what's best, whether... Continue Reading →

God Conscious

  How God Conscious are you?  I have been reading an article this morning which begs the thought, "In what direction do my thoughts lie more often than not?" What are my thoughts first thing in the morning?  Are they of my Father who holds my life in His hands?  Or are they crowded with... Continue Reading →

At Calvary

"But I have obtained mercy." ~1 Timothy 1:13 As I was preparing for church this beautiful Autumn morn I felt a song on my heart and so got out my hymnal and began singing.  I was looking for a second song when I came across this hymn called "At Calvary".  I know not the melody... Continue Reading →

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