Oversimplified Pumpkin Spice Latte Maker

It is exceedingly hard for me to come up with snappy titles for my posts.  So, I oversimplify and make myself sound a bit like a moron...I apologize for future moronic-ness in advance.  However, when I was perusing Pinterest today in an attempt to  destress myself after a moment of inability to overcome a blank... Continue Reading →

Caroline’s Ginger Water

This is an older post from early in the Autumn, but I wanted to share it with you anyway, so deal with it :D. (Maybe it'll make you wish for the summer heat again:)) ******************** "Now the sun and the wind were hotter and Laura's legs quivered while she made them trample the hay.  She... Continue Reading →


As you may or may not now I'm kind of lazy sometimes. And I'm a sucker for big breakfasts. The two don't really go together. I like to eat a big breakfast, but I don't like to cook it (Or do the dishes afterward as my daughter so frankly put it). I also love those... Continue Reading →

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