With Every Step You Take…

🎵 I'll be good I'll be good And I'll love the world like I should I'll be good I'll be good For all of the times that I never could. 🎵 -Jaymes Young Why can't I apply this to myself? What is in my brain that keeps me from learning to love myself? Why do I... Continue Reading →

Learning to Embrace

Its true. I've spent most of the day reevaluating my life choices, namely the people I allow in my life, the way I allow them to make me feel, the way I want to feel, and the giant ass chasm between the two feels. And I've come to the conclusion that I need a stronger... Continue Reading →


Do you ever just want to be alone? Just left completely to yourself? I am...well, I was going to say struggling, but I am not sure it is actually a struggle...maybe grappling is the word.  I am grappling with the irritation of not being left alone.  I think over the last year of my life... Continue Reading →

Days 5, 6, and 7

Oh, My, how I have bit the dust the last few days.  I  am tempted to label myself a failure and move out of the country, but alas, I am too broke, and I hate that label...though it is something I subconsciously subject myself to more often than I'd like to admit.  Everything is Black... Continue Reading →


"Don't let your feelings be a DICTATOR in your life any longer." -- Joyce Meyer For someone who struggles with Bipolar, or really almost any mental illness, feelings are a major part of life.  My Bipolar has disturbed my feelings for the better part of my life.  Then, the Church I attended and devoted myself... Continue Reading →


Now that I have decided to go to school I have to consult my Husband and members of my Church.  Which is okay, but I feel like I have to ask permission from everyone to do this.  I guess I am grumping around and I shouldn't be because I know that everyone loves me and only... Continue Reading →

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