For The Love of Music

Day 4: It doesn't take long for that ass of a devil to start sneaking in and trying to spoil good intentions.  I got 3 days down pact before he caught up to me.  However, I am not discouraged, if a little late. Today, I am thankful for music: All Kinds of music.  Music is... Continue Reading →

Old Things Fade

Welcome back, dearest readers! I present for your listening pleasure, David Dunn (not my old doctor, but the singer, lol....I totally just realized the name similarity...).  I have his album, Crystal Clear, but have not listened to it much yet.  Today I put my phone on shuffle and "Fade" started to play.  I had to... Continue Reading →


I'm not entirely sure that this song needs any additional words from me.  The lyrics say it all.  I'm not going to waste your time with words today.   Just listen to the lyrics and believe.  All my love to you dear readers, on this day; whatever kind of day you are having.  Just remember,... Continue Reading →

Greater Than > Me

Happy Friday PEOPLE!! I hope your day is going  well thus far.  I am having a lovely day. OKay.  That was a lie.  My day isn't so bad that I can't sit here and type with a smile though.  That smile comes from the knowledge that my God is greater than everything.... Greater than my... Continue Reading →

How Deep is His Love

Happy Sunday, dear readers.  I am sitting outside with the computer under an umbrella as the clouds cannot decide whether to rain or not so they spit as they float by.  There is no wind though, so it is a lovely evening.    I missed church this morning because I overslept.  Not a good excuse,... Continue Reading →

The Empty House

By: Leah Johnson "The empty old house On the hill by the road, With cracks in the windows, Now broken and old. Once mother and daddy lived happily there, Reading their Bible And saying their prayers." Chorus "I walked to the kitchen, My tears fell like rain, For mother is gone,  But find mem-'ries remain; So... Continue Reading →

How He Loves

"He is jealous for me.Loves like a hurricane,I am a treeBending beneath the weight of His wind and mercy. When all of a sudden I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by gloryAnd I realize just how beautiful you areAnd how great your affections are for me... Oh, How He loves us, ohOh, How He... Continue Reading →

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