I'm not entirely sure that this song needs any additional words from me.  The lyrics say it all.  I'm not going to waste your time with words today.   Just listen to the lyrics and believe.  All my love to you dear readers, on this day; whatever kind of day you are having.  Just remember,... Continue Reading →

Don’t Be Anxious! Reblog

Did you know this is just what I need to hear today, Lord? All the time I spend stewing about stuff I have no control over could be better spent in daily tasks that make my home life better... Cooking, sewing, spending time with my family, reading, crafting, all the things I could be doing... Continue Reading →

Random Like that July Thundershower

   Who doesn't love a random popcorn rain shower that fills the house with the smell of moistened dirt and wet leaves??   Like literally, random. But I am thankful. Even after a crappy attitude day (and boy, was it ever!) God still reminds me of his love and mercy. I am not worthy to... Continue Reading →

My Foot of the Cross

As I sit here listening to the sounds of the prairie, the birds sweetly singing, crickets beginning their evening sonnet, cattle lowing and bugling, Berlios (our sweet tomcat) purring and meowing, the thought finally comes to me that all are doing so to the glory of their Creator, the composer of their songs, sounds, and... Continue Reading →

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