"Don't let your feelings be a DICTATOR in your life any longer." -- Joyce Meyer For someone who struggles with Bipolar, or really almost any mental illness, feelings are a major part of life.  My Bipolar has disturbed my feelings for the better part of my life.  Then, the Church I attended and devoted myself... Continue Reading →

Life Reminders

Just in time for the new year!! So I found an interesting entry in my journal today.  Well, interesting to me at least.  Thought I’d share it.  It pertains to the purpose and goal of my life.  What I hope to be and what I hope to do.  I may not have written it thinking about... Continue Reading →

Take Time to Wean

I had an inspiration today while I was in the shower at 3pm. I realized just how much of the day I had wasted on my phone, playing games, checking out the Internet, being on electronics, just all of it.  And I wondered what I would have gotten done if I hadn't wasted my time doing all... Continue Reading →

At Calvary

"But I have obtained mercy." ~1 Timothy 1:13 As I was preparing for church this beautiful Autumn morn I felt a song on my heart and so got out my hymnal and began singing.  I was looking for a second song when I came across this hymn called "At Calvary".  I know not the melody... Continue Reading →

The Empty House

By: Leah Johnson "The empty old house On the hill by the road, With cracks in the windows, Now broken and old. Once mother and daddy lived happily there, Reading their Bible And saying their prayers." Chorus "I walked to the kitchen, My tears fell like rain, For mother is gone,  But find mem-'ries remain; So... Continue Reading →

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