Fuck that Shit

Feeling: despair, dread, hate, lost, annoyed, apathetic Got told 2X to go to cooking group.  Rather forcefully. So I went. Ate snack. Now exploring emotions.  NOT happy. If I tell the truth they'll take away my car. My Sunday mornings, ie. my freedom. I already feel so trapped.  So trapped. I'm so done. It's their... Continue Reading →

Self Harm Inventory

Thoughts Surrounding Self Harm... I just want to die. I fucking hate myself. Just leave me alone. Let me be. I'm done. Nothing / no one is going to help. This (whatever you want me to do) isn't going to help. Be miserable. Just do it.  You'll feel better. Make yourself miserable. You know you... Continue Reading →

My Foot of the Cross

As I sit here listening to the sounds of the prairie, the birds sweetly singing, crickets beginning their evening sonnet, cattle lowing and bugling, Berlios (our sweet tomcat) purring and meowing, the thought finally comes to me that all are doing so to the glory of their Creator, the composer of their songs, sounds, and... Continue Reading →

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