When ED Gets His Say…

‼‼<<<ENTER A BIG FAT TRIGGER WARNING RIGHT HERE>>>‼‼Okay, now that that is out of the way. Hi. This post is probably going to be all kinds of uber disordered, but these are my thoughts / my life and I need to get it out there. So I have really... and by really I mean REAAAALLLLLYYYYYY been struggling... Continue Reading →

This is Fall

Today, I am thankful for Fall..... The light is warm, The shadows are long, The moon is full. This is Fall. Grain bins drying, Crickets chirping, Birds twittering. This is Fall. The cool breeze ruffles, The day is waning, The sun is dying, The night comes on. This is Fall. Golden light turns bright pink,... Continue Reading →

Oversimplified Pumpkin Spice Latte Maker

It is exceedingly hard for me to come up with snappy titles for my posts.  So, I oversimplify and make myself sound a bit like a moron...I apologize for future moronic-ness in advance.  However, when I was perusing Pinterest today in an attempt to  destress myself after a moment of inability to overcome a blank... Continue Reading →

Life Reminders

Just in time for the new year!! So I found an interesting entry in my journal today.  Well, interesting to me at least.  Thought I’d share it.  It pertains to the purpose and goal of my life.  What I hope to be and what I hope to do.  I may not have written it thinking about... Continue Reading →

I'm so excited! I'm about to try out my new retro iron for the first time! My old one caught on fire a couple of nights ago and died....and I'm quite glad :D.....

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