Let's choose to love. These are really neat. I do not remember where I found this, maybe on my FB? IDK, it doesn't matter. Let's CHOOSE to Love. If you have time to look up all of these scriptures, do it! If not, then check back here every day, as I will post one a... Continue Reading →

This is a perfect example of how my thoughts fly at night when I am trying to go to sleep before I have had any wind down time. It gets even worse in the midst of hypomania or mania.

At Calvary

"But I have obtained mercy." ~1 Timothy 1:13 As I was preparing for church this beautiful Autumn morn I felt a song on my heart and so got out my hymnal and began singing.  I was looking for a second song when I came across this hymn called "At Calvary".  I know not the melody... Continue Reading →

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