Old Things Fade

Welcome back, dearest readers! I present for your listening pleasure, David Dunn (not my old doctor, but the singer, lol....I totally just realized the name similarity...).  I have his album, Crystal Clear, but have not listened to it much yet.  Today I put my phone on shuffle and "Fade" started to play.  I had to... Continue Reading →


I'm not entirely sure that this song needs any additional words from me.  The lyrics say it all.  I'm not going to waste your time with words today.   Just listen to the lyrics and believe.  All my love to you dear readers, on this day; whatever kind of day you are having.  Just remember,... Continue Reading →

Random Like that July Thundershower

   Who doesn't love a random popcorn rain shower that fills the house with the smell of moistened dirt and wet leaves??   Like literally, random. But I am thankful. Even after a crappy attitude day (and boy, was it ever!) God still reminds me of his love and mercy. I am not worthy to... Continue Reading →

God’s Gift of Power

God gives us the power to forgive. God gives us the power to love. God gives us the power to have compassion. God gives us the power to be determined.      His Power.      HIS POWER. From the Almighty Everything~ Power that NEVER ENDS.       Power that overcomes EVERYthing. God shares that power... Continue Reading →

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