The “One True” Churches

Did you know that there are many, many denominations that claim to be the one and only true church of God on earth?  Me either, until a week or so ago.  I will not judge, as some might, whether or not they are actually cults in sheep's clothing, but I will share some interesting facts... Continue Reading →

The Avoidance Part 3

What really finalized it for me was when I began studying their doctrine of "God the Son".  You have to realize, I asked and asked and asked for a doctrine class before I was a member and even after and when we finally did have classes I missed MAYBE one time.  I loved the church... Continue Reading →

The Avoidance Part 2

So these things God has been showing me.  I thought I was handing them over and dealing with them when I asked to be expelled.  Apparently not.  Though I am freed from many of the legalistic tendencies I struggled with inside the church, I still have some residual mindsets to overcome.  I also thought I... Continue Reading →

The Avoidance Part 1

WARNING: IF YOU ARE A MEMBER OF THE CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST, MENNONITE, You may not like this post.  I advise either you read it with an open heart and open mind, trying to understand my perspective, or you delete it this instant and remove yourself from my mailing group.  I love you dear... Continue Reading →

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