I had a conversation with a person today about Christianity. She was not impressed with the experience she had the day before with another Christian who was very preachy and pushy.  It saddened me to hear that this representative of Christ was so hardcore as to put down other humans for not being Christian and... Continue Reading →

For The Love of Music

Day 4: It doesn't take long for that ass of a devil to start sneaking in and trying to spoil good intentions.  I got 3 days down pact before he caught up to me.  However, I am not discouraged, if a little late. Today, I am thankful for music: All Kinds of music.  Music is... Continue Reading →

Old Things Fade

Welcome back, dearest readers! I present for your listening pleasure, David Dunn (not my old doctor, but the singer, lol....I totally just realized the name similarity...).  I have his album, Crystal Clear, but have not listened to it much yet.  Today I put my phone on shuffle and "Fade" started to play.  I had to... Continue Reading →

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