One Step

Rummaging around my old writings the other day I came across a journal entry that I wrote a little over two years ago, pre-treatment, when I didn't believe there was a problem.  It encourages me and I think now is an appropriate time to share it. ******** I may not be a very good "practicing"... Continue Reading →

A Month of Thanks

Tis November 1st...already?! Already!! I can't believe it. 2015 is almost behind me ... You... All of us! Before we know it the holiday season will be upon us.  I intend to make the most of it this year. This month I am celebrating gratitude. Each day I am going to ask my children to... Continue Reading →

At A Loss For Words

  I like structure. The grain bins at work are well structured. They fit together like a puzzle and it takes a great force of brute strength or the knowledge of know-how to take them down. Beautifully, intricately laced together pieces of metal. Doesn't seem like it would mean much, but to the creator, it... Continue Reading →


Now that I have decided to go to school I have to consult my Husband and members of my Church.  Which is okay, but I feel like I have to ask permission from everyone to do this.  I guess I am grumping around and I shouldn't be because I know that everyone loves me and only... Continue Reading →

God Conscious

  How God Conscious are you?  I have been reading an article this morning which begs the thought, "In what direction do my thoughts lie more often than not?" What are my thoughts first thing in the morning?  Are they of my Father who holds my life in His hands?  Or are they crowded with... Continue Reading →

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