Random Facts About Me

I LOVE books and the older the better. I don’t even have to read them necessarily–just smell them (maybe it’s the paper, lol).

I love psychology, sociology, and interpersonal communications. When we travel I just sit and stare at others because I find people fascinating.

My grandparents raised me from the age of 18 months.

I live 17 miles from the nearest town, 55 miles from the nearest Walmart, and approximately 250 miles from the nearest actual city.

The library is my favorite place.  The library in a Church?  EVEN BETTER.

I have 3 sisters and 1 brother, but I am an only child.

My favorite colours include teal, navy, and coral (last year it was: orange, red, black, white, and teal so I’m sure it will change eventually :D).

According to the Briggs Myers personality test my personality type is ENFP.

I hate talking to people until I get to know them.

My favorite authors include Jane Austen, the Brontë Sisters, Ann Ward Radcliffe, and Charles Dickens.

I LOVE to read about etiquette.

I once was licensed and worked as a hairdresser–I hate hair.

Every year Charcot-Marie-Tooth makes my handwriting less legible.

I used to love coffee, but I have moved on to Chai Tea.

I can see for at least 10 miles in all directions in clear weather.

My house looks like a shed on the outside.

I write, cut hair, throw a baseball, and bat with my left hand, cut paper and catch a baseball with my right.

So, Tell Me What You Think.

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