Tough Stuff, You Thankless Grump

Sheesh.  If today isn't a Monday, I don't know what is.  Of course, it could be an any-day and just my having a bad attitude, but seriously.  I think I am still recuperating from last week's trials full of idiots and I am having trouble adjusting to everyday normal idiots.  It isn't that anyone is... Continue Reading →

At A Loss For Words

  I like structure. The grain bins at work are well structured. They fit together like a puzzle and it takes a great force of brute strength or the knowledge of know-how to take them down. Beautifully, intricately laced together pieces of metal. Doesn't seem like it would mean much, but to the creator, it... Continue Reading →

The Thoughts of a Manic

This is my explanation of my brain on mania: Such intricate details being garbled and washed away by the shear mass of thoughts flooding my mind. I thought it was getting better, but yesterday was hard for me. I could have cut more, but stupid stuff like the fear of someone asking me about it... Continue Reading →


My mind will not quiet. I cannot hear what anyone says to me. My husband is mad because I haven't listened to him all night. I sat down to write and this is what it looks like. This is what it says: "How to stop the raging monster, How to quiet that which won't shut... Continue Reading →

Lost the Week, Where did It Go?

Guys,It's Thursday and I didn't even know it!  SERIOUSLY! I couldn't remember if it was Tuesday or Wednesday.  I thought it might be Wednesday, but THURSDAY!?!?!?!?  Where has the week gone! I can't even remember what I did on Monday.  Or Tuesday.   What did I do on Tuesday?!  Yesterday I went to sewing in... Continue Reading →

What Has Inspired Me Today

I'm listening to a Bible teaching and two things have inspired me so far and I thought, I want to write them down, but I also want to share them with you so here goes: 1. Instead of feeling bad when I sin and I know that I have sinned, I should be thankful that... Continue Reading →

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