And it was the PayDay

Lunch is interesting these days with my break falling around the same time as my good friend's. Interesting because she has just started to earnestly try to lose weight so our conversations are mostly made up of food talk, calorie counts, how to eat less, and other such frivolities as is connected with diet culture.... Continue Reading →

Don’t TElL

*****TRIGGER WARNING***** Not that I wanted to begin the year like this, but hey, to my brain, it's just another day.  I have been struggling with some temptations.  Pretty massive temptations.  The consequences thereof, I am not sure I could handle.  I have NOT given in yet, but the guilt and condemnation that prey upon... Continue Reading →

Tough Stuff, You Thankless Grump

Sheesh.  If today isn't a Monday, I don't know what is.  Of course, it could be an any-day and just my having a bad attitude, but seriously.  I think I am still recuperating from last week's trials full of idiots and I am having trouble adjusting to everyday normal idiots.  It isn't that anyone is... Continue Reading →


"Don't let your feelings be a DICTATOR in your life any longer." -- Joyce Meyer For someone who struggles with Bipolar, or really almost any mental illness, feelings are a major part of life.  My Bipolar has disturbed my feelings for the better part of my life.  Then, the Church I attended and devoted myself... Continue Reading →

At A Loss For Words

  I like structure. The grain bins at work are well structured. They fit together like a puzzle and it takes a great force of brute strength or the knowledge of know-how to take them down. Beautifully, intricately laced together pieces of metal. Doesn't seem like it would mean much, but to the creator, it... Continue Reading →

The Thoughts of a Manic

This is my explanation of my brain on mania: Such intricate details being garbled and washed away by the shear mass of thoughts flooding my mind. I thought it was getting better, but yesterday was hard for me. I could have cut more, but stupid stuff like the fear of someone asking me about it... Continue Reading →


My mind will not quiet. I cannot hear what anyone says to me. My husband is mad because I haven't listened to him all night. I sat down to write and this is what it looks like. This is what it says: "How to stop the raging monster, How to quiet that which won't shut... Continue Reading →

Lost the Week, Where did It Go?

Guys,It's Thursday and I didn't even know it!  SERIOUSLY! I couldn't remember if it was Tuesday or Wednesday.  I thought it might be Wednesday, but THURSDAY!?!?!?!?  Where has the week gone! I can't even remember what I did on Monday.  Or Tuesday.   What did I do on Tuesday?!  Yesterday I went to sewing in... Continue Reading →

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