I’m Fucked

Ate a lot yesterday No compensation Today the scale shows I gained 4lbs How am I supposed to eat today knowing this? Going with mother in law to garden city today which means lunch out. Fuck me. I can't I need to fast I went from needing to lose 2.5lbs to needing to lose 6.5lbs... Continue Reading →

So I'm manic. Well at least hypomanic. And I hate it love it. Really. During the day it's great. I'm not getting much housework done, but hey! I have written more in the last few weeks than in the rest of the year combined. Anything Good? I don't know. I think it is, but hell,... Continue Reading →


15 minutes of lunges, squats, and x-jacks and my knees and thighs burn so bad I'm pretty sure I won't be walking tomorrow, lol. On the bright side I burned 131 calories in that time, Yay!! Almost enough to treat myself to a Pepsi.... Almost......

Tipping The Scales

First day all week I didn't obsess about my weight. I'm pretty sure I only weighed myself once this morning. Til I thought of it tonight. Immediately weighed myself. Twice. Side Note: When weighing myself I suck in. Helps me weigh less right??

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