For The Love of Music

Day 4: It doesn't take long for that ass of a devil to start sneaking in and trying to spoil good intentions.  I got 3 days down pact before he caught up to me.  However, I am not discouraged, if a little late. Today, I am thankful for music: All Kinds of music.  Music is... Continue Reading →

Old Things Fade

Welcome back, dearest readers! I present for your listening pleasure, David Dunn (not my old doctor, but the singer, lol....I totally just realized the name similarity...).  I have his album, Crystal Clear, but have not listened to it much yet.  Today I put my phone on shuffle and "Fade" started to play.  I had to... Continue Reading →


Honestly, MercyMe has to be one of my favorite bands, eVer.  They might be right up there with Nine Inch Nails by this point.  I cannot believe the variety of beats and musical styles there are in the Christian music industry these days.  There is something for just about everyone, I think! September 29, 2015... Continue Reading →

At Calvary

"But I have obtained mercy." ~1 Timothy 1:13 As I was preparing for church this beautiful Autumn morn I felt a song on my heart and so got out my hymnal and began singing.  I was looking for a second song when I came across this hymn called "At Calvary".  I know not the melody... Continue Reading →

"The crickets chirp. There is but a slight breeze, yet it is chill enough to nip my nose, to send a little shiver down my spine; and I am in love with it all. I stand here getting kind of cold, but I dare not move lest I miss something. Vaguely, off in the distance... Continue Reading →

How He Loves

"He is jealous for me.Loves like a hurricane,I am a treeBending beneath the weight of His wind and mercy. When all of a sudden I am unaware of these afflictions eclipsed by gloryAnd I realize just how beautiful you areAnd how great your affections are for me... Oh, How He loves us, ohOh, How He... Continue Reading →

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