Don’t TElL

*****TRIGGER WARNING***** Not that I wanted to begin the year like this, but hey, to my brain, it's just another day.  I have been struggling with some temptations.  Pretty massive temptations.  The consequences thereof, I am not sure I could handle.  I have NOT given in yet, but the guilt and condemnation that prey upon... Continue Reading →


New Shoes! New Nails! New Clothes! New Hair! Can anyone guess the trend? I feel wonderful though..., Another symptom. Upped the Lithium today. As well as the Seroquel. A need has arisen. To calm me down before full-blown mania sets in. Calm down?! Who wants to calm down?! Shhhhhhh..... Some people are so loud. I... Continue Reading →

Varsity Mania

Well, thankfully we think I have topped out.  Maybe Saturday or Sunday.  I increased my meds from 100mg/day to 200mg every other day.  The doc wanted me to take 200mg every day, but I am so exhausted and in kind of a fog when I do.  Eyes are still popping open at the first sound... Continue Reading →

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