New Shoes! New Nails! New Clothes! New Hair! Can anyone guess the trend? I feel wonderful though..., Another symptom. Upped the Lithium today. As well as the Seroquel. A need has arisen. To calm me down before full-blown mania sets in. Calm down?! Who wants to calm down?! Shhhhhhh..... Some people are so loud. I... Continue Reading →

A Self Portrait

I took this self portrait the other day. I think it accurately describes the condition of my mind in my current state of mania: Calm on the outside, Screaming, Painful on the inside. My mind is a lot quieter today. No music playing. No pressure behind my eyes and ears. At least not right now.... Continue Reading →


My mind will not quiet. I cannot hear what anyone says to me. My husband is mad because I haven't listened to him all night. I sat down to write and this is what it looks like. This is what it says: "How to stop the raging monster, How to quiet that which won't shut... Continue Reading →


Okay, so everyone remember that lovely, cute, adorable puppy I just had to have? Well, she has got to the terrible twos in the puppy stage and she is no longer fun to me. She does in fact stress me to the outer most limits of my sanity. I actually hate her most of the... Continue Reading →

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