**TRIGGER WARNING** I. HATE. FOOD. I hate the way I get hungry and then I overeat. I hate the feeling of fullness. I hate the way my mouth feels after I eat. Liquids make me feel the same way. It has become increasingly hard to cook for my family. Even my hubby has noticed. He... Continue Reading →

What Has Inspired Me Today

I'm listening to a Bible teaching and two things have inspired me so far and I thought, I want to write them down, but I also want to share them with you so here goes: 1. Instead of feeling bad when I sin and I know that I have sinned, I should be thankful that... Continue Reading →

A Mother’s Credentials

I came across the following at a lovely blog called: A Wise Woman Builds Her Home You may follow that link to her general blog or for the specific post click on the one below.  Have a lovely day my dears! ************************ The Rich Full Life As mothers we have an enormous career. Here are... Continue Reading →

Planted By God

This is a post from October 2011, I found it in my old archives and thought I could share it here, in the dead of winter, and make us all appreciate how nothing is growing so we've nothing to least for the present :D ******************** 13But he answered and said, Every plant, which my... Continue Reading →

Life Reminders

Just in time for the new year!! So I found an interesting entry in my journal today.  Well, interesting to me at least.  Thought I’d share it.  It pertains to the purpose and goal of my life.  What I hope to be and what I hope to do.  I may not have written it thinking about... Continue Reading →

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