My Little Home

Today  I am thankful for my home..... August 23, 2015: Longing for something to do, to get out of the house and enjoy the cool breeze on my face and warm sunshine on my back I ventured through the unkempt recesses of wilderness contained in my little 2 acre patch of land my family and... Continue Reading →

Days 5, 6, and 7

Oh, My, how I have bit the dust the last few days.  I  am tempted to label myself a failure and move out of the country, but alas, I am too broke, and I hate that label...though it is something I subconsciously subject myself to more often than I'd like to admit.  Everything is Black... Continue Reading →

Deliriously in Love

Autumn is coming. August is here, And I am longing for the return of the cool weather, warm tones, gleeful holidays, and the wonders of the end of the year. But since we're still in summer I will have to settle for visuals that stimulate the same type of feelings until the actual season arrives.... Continue Reading →

Love these Gibson Girls! Books date: 1890, 1900, 1903; though they may be slightly later editions given the art work on them.... Doesn't matter, I'm still swooning :).... "Daddy's Girl" I found a while back in the bin at the recycling center. The others I found at an antique store. Surprisingly, the one from the... Continue Reading →

Well, I decided that I did not care for my all-white walls in my bathroom anymore so I decided to paint them...dark. This is my accent wall, kind of. I not sure if it is the accent wall because it is going to be the only wall that colour or if the other will be... Continue Reading →

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