The Return of the Lost

Well.  That was a loooonnngggg hiatus from the world of blogging, wasn't it? I realized today that I am in desperate need of an outlet and then I remembered.... I used to blog, didn't I?  It was an outlet: a place to pour all of my thoughts, good or bad, and know that there is... Continue Reading →


I had a conversation with a person today about Christianity. She was not impressed with the experience she had the day before with another Christian who was very preachy and pushy.  It saddened me to hear that this representative of Christ was so hardcore as to put down other humans for not being Christian and... Continue Reading →

I Am A Liar

  Quick thoughts for the day. I try not to lie.  I try Very Hard.  But my therapist brought the question of what constitutes a lie to my awareness today. For instance, if I am listening to someone speak and though they are rather droll and boring I pretend to act interested and make a... Continue Reading →

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