Random Thoughts and Ongoings

Skipped DBT, ran by milieu. I'm just done for today. My primary pissed me off. I don't feel like she understands at all and when I try to explain I get responses that feel invalidating to everything I just said. Like, she keeps saying that I have a choice, but I do not feel that... Continue Reading →

And it was the PayDay

Lunch is interesting these days with my break falling around the same time as my good friend's. Interesting because she has just started to earnestly try to lose weight so our conversations are mostly made up of food talk, calorie counts, how to eat less, and other such frivolities as is connected with diet culture.... Continue Reading →

All the Silly Shit

Sitting here at the table, (well, more like my sorry ass is planted here because I am too weak to get up and move at the moment....) Anyway, like I said, sitting here at the table, listening to my kitchen attempting to be cleaned.  IE.  My girls are trying to clean it and it is... Continue Reading →

Just Eat.

June 13, 2016:  I wrote this 5 months ago.  Right before I went on this hiatus I have been on for most of the year.  And this, this is why.......... ******************************* Let's be honest.  Right now I could give two shits less about anything.  I am only writing to process all of this crap in... Continue Reading →

Oversimplified Pumpkin Spice Latte Maker

It is exceedingly hard for me to come up with snappy titles for my posts.  So, I oversimplify and make myself sound a bit like a moron...I apologize for future moronic-ness in advance.  However, when I was perusing Pinterest today in an attempt to  destress myself after a moment of inability to overcome a blank... Continue Reading →

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