So I am giving a serious month of testing to the software and the following is an article that popped up on my home screen.  It interested me very much and I wanted to share it here with all of you dear people.  Tell me what you think.  The Bible speaks of dinosaurs.  There... Continue Reading →


So today I sit at my desk, beside my little heater, with the weather all windy and rainy and dreary and I love it.  But it makes for a quiet day with not much on the agenda.  I could be reading about the sale or donation of organs for my English II class that began... Continue Reading →

Not as easy as it seems XP..... Hope you are all having a lovely day! I am relaxing after sewing sewing sewing!

How to deal with someone with borderline personality disorder

At therapy we (ie. my therapist and I) talk often of my Borderline Personality Traits. I think it is the third axis of my diagnosis that states a “Non-specified Personality Disorder”.  I think the therapist is just waiting for a little more evidence that the disorder is in fact Borderline Personality Disorder (You, sir, may correct me if I am wrong, lol). There are 9 traits specified by the DSM-5 used to diagnose Borderline Personality Disorder. To be diagnosed one must exhibit 5 or more of the traits. I exhibit about 7 of the 9 on a more regular basis than I’d like to admit.

The post above gives the reader some genuine insight into how to deal with a loved one who suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder.  It may also help you to understand the disorder and the effects it has on those who have it better.  Remember, education is key to ending the stigma of mental illness.


I am doing an unexpected, for me, post. Sometimes with most posts I will have a plan for a few days that perhaps this is where one will go, many times I will have a draft simmering that I will finish off.. or for some they can be a recipe, or something fun… or even something that happened that caught me or my eye.

I have noticed though a search term coming up quite often. “how to deal with someone with borderline personality disorder” in my dashboard.

Not my favorite title for a blog, sort of insulting in a fashion, and this is not my intent, more to just answer the search term as I have seen it so often this past week.

When people reach out for advice, tis hard not to reply somewhat.

I would like help with this too, many of my followers have BPD, and…

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The Road Less Traveled

This may really be saying something about me, but I will approach it anyway... My therapist is a wise man.  I do not always listen to what he has to say wholeheartedly; mostly because I do not want to hear it, but he knows his stuff.  At our last session he suggested that I read... Continue Reading →

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