Just a Random Bitchfest

I suppose I should write something witty, but I can't think of anything thanks to all this brain fog. I should be working on my church and state essay, but I'm a glutton for punishment so I am procrastinating. I am home because my neck and back hurt so bad I could barely function as... Continue Reading →

Life Perspective

Saw a homeless man walk by me today. Shuffling along, Lighter dangling in one hand. Pants holy and ripped to shreds Wearing a coat in unseasonable weather. And I thought, "Where does he come from? Where is he going?" And then I watched as he looked through a can of trash, Obviously hungry. And I... Continue Reading →

The Lone Bough

*****Trigger Warning***** I am utterly, and totally, alone. My eating disorder is in complete control and I am helpless to stop him. The doctor and dietician told me I have to do it on my own because insurance wouldn't approve treatment, but I cannot. The eating disorder is overwhelmingly strong, and I don't know how... Continue Reading →


I want to scream. I sit silent.  I want to yell. I smile.  I want to live. I fade away.

Just Eat.

June 13, 2016:  I wrote this 5 months ago.  Right before I went on this hiatus I have been on for most of the year.  And this, this is why.......... ******************************* Let's be honest.  Right now I could give two shits less about anything.  I am only writing to process all of this crap in... Continue Reading →

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