Life as I know It

Dr. on Friday.
IV Fluids

Back hurts, fever all weekend
Think it might be in my kidneys
Slept most of Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
Slept most of Saturday and Sunday, too.

Increased intake so body can fight this.
Drinking water, too.
Weight up.
Head Screaming.
Haven’t heard anything about treatment
Chills something fierce

BP this am:
87/63 P96
91/66 P89

Took tylenol once
Fever 100.5
Hovered around 99.4 rest of the day after

Waiting for the girls’ movie to finish so I can go to bed
Talked to A today.
Wished J a Happy Birthday.


I’m so fat.
I can feel it.
But if I go to the hospital there’s a good chance of more fluids.
I’m just going to be fine tomorrow
As I am not sick enough to warrant any “real” treatment.
Thankfully hubby works so I won’t have to eat until the evening

Felt really stupid telling the Dr. what I ate on Friday.
1 English Muffin with butter and orange marmalade 180
Plus some shortbread cookies 120?

Wednesday I spent all day restricting, eating mainly apples, because we went to EL DOS for the girls’ birthday supper with the family

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