At The Rate I’m Going

Heart rate low this evening,
around  64bpm despite being anxious af.

Blood pressure this am was 87/69, pulse was 103 just from getting out of bed and walking to the bathroom.
Weight 118.2
Wanted it to be less when I went tomorrow, but it’s no use now.
So I will wear light weight clothing.

Case manager called today.
Sounds like she is going to look into treatment for me, possibly at EDCare again.

Went to the minister’s house with A this afternoon.
Feel like I was super vulnerable and word vomited a lot.
But they sounded supportive and want to have a special prayer for me and for the hubs as well.

My husband seems supportive,
Which is WEIRD.

I just feel so odd about this sudden idea.

My therapist thinks it’s a good idea,
My sister does, too.
AND M AND S AND the doctor I saw last friday, who brought it up in the first place.
Told me my kidney function dropped from 112 to 86 in a week and a half.
When it gets to 60 they worry.

So basically give me another week and a half at the rate I’m going.

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