Addition on top of Addition

Feeling: perplexed, detached, like hiding, disconnected, disgruntled, irritable

Asked about Monday dinner off.  Primary said it’s up to me because I have a lot of restoration work to do.  Should have asked my dietician instead.
Asked dietician about “restoration work”.
She said my weight leveled off, so another addition is added.
Said my metabolism is really fast; always has been which is why I drop off so fast when restricting.
Makes me want to restrict hardcore because I know it’ll drop off again.
I’m tired of being here.
I just want to go home.

Had a Snack2 and ProBase Bar at snack and now I’m feeling so gross.

Current meal plan:
Optional Prebreakfast Snack
Breakfast + addition: 1C boost + a 3rd fat
Am Snack: Luna Bar
Pm Snack: Snack2 + ProBase Bar
Evening Snack: Snack2 + addition: 1C boost  (+optional addition)

I want to die.


Day 28 of treatment.

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