Why did I Open My Mouth?

Disorderedly took pamprin (diuretics)
Walked in circles in the reception area.
Went up the stairs once.

Shadow even looked fat today.
Stomach sticks out.
I feel so gross.

Didn’t complete breakfast (90%).
–Thought it would be less.

Hips and feet and ankles hurt.
Like really bad.

Took flexural & ibuprofen & pamprin,
but it’s not working yet.

Have to sit through Multi-family.

I really want some lax.
Not even funny.
Got an order for Metamucil, but it’s not satisfying yet.

Went to the mall last night.
Only took the stairs down once and up once.
Walked the escalator 3-4 times.
Bought 2 lotion and a body spray at Bath and Body.
Bought Aveda essential oil roller – same as the one that broke before.

Then spent a bunch of shit at walgreens.
Hairspray, Razors and the like.

Breakfast was VERY ordered.
Worse on bad days than normal.
Everything was in a proportional place directly in relation to size, shape, quantity.
Tried not to order while eating which kinda turned into ordering.

I just want to leave, but
I want my primary to allow me my car sooner than later.

Ugh.  Thoughts at a 10.

What can I do to purge?
Purge, purge, purge.

Asked milieu about my hip/leg/feet pain,
Said they’d call the on-call doc and I was just like
-uh. nevermind.

He won’t believe me.
They won’t do anything.
Get over it.
Why did I open my mouth?

Day 10 of treatment.

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