Just Calm

So, disordered completion is great.
I feel calm, happy, almost euphoric from it.

From Lying.

Thoughts at a 6.
Emotions: Calm, Confident (disordered)
Completed 100%
Intention: to complete (disordered)
No behaviors ( disordered)
(Um, what about force-feeding yourself, safe food choices, uneven pace???)



Be good,
but not perfect…
Just good enough to look authentic.
Like you are trying.

Then we’ll go home and I’ll protect you.
But we will be sneaky about it…

Be just sick enough to feel good,
but not sick enough to be noticeable.

You will still be thin.
Your collarbones will still show.
You will be beautiful and safe.

No one will hurt you.

I’ll hide when I need so no one knows I’m there.
It will be alright.

Everything will be alright.

This calmness is wonderful.

No tears,
No anxiety,
Just calm.


Also day 9 of treatment.

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