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I have always struggled with perfectionism and perfectionist tendencies.  It has come in various forms during different times of my life, from fitting in with my friends at school (I tried to be a cowgirl and joined 4H and wore the appropriate attire) to my time as a Holdeman Mennonite (where I tried desperately hard to fill the form of what a “mennonite should look and act like”).  I struggle with it in my college career (the lowest grade percent I’ve received thus far is a 95.2%) and in my marriage (trying to be exactly who I think my husband wants me to be).  Unfortunately, it pervades every aspect of my life and my eating disorder perpetuates it.  While I am still trying to overcome this mentality, I know there is hope and this article provides 5 excellent reasons to let go of perfection.  I hope you enjoy!



“By Emily Benko–There’s a good chance that you crave perfection—after all, it’s universally esteemed. But who can ever attain the unattainable? Who started the quest for the impossible? Who set the unachievable standard? The culprit may never be found, but we can still end the quest. Here’s why we should put our dreams of perfection to rest:”….

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