Red Lips Are A Dead Giveaway


Red Lips. Self Portrait. Kelsi Meireis. 2015

The other day I replaced my Facebook profile picture with one where I was wearing red lipstick.  Oh the lovely comments and likes I received!  It really was nice to hear affirmations about the things I sometimes doubt.

However, I have noticed when I am feeling blue or down in the dumps one of the first things I want to do is change something up: cut my hair, buy something new to wear, try different makeup.  As my abilities to perceive truths about myself have grown I now understand these things increase my self esteem when accomplished successfully, which in turns increases my sense of self worth, and improves my mood some… For a while.

If I am mad or sad I tend to wear darker makeup: deeper eye shadows, more eyeliner and mascara. I tend to wear my hair style with more edge to it.  To the untrained eye it may seem as though I am simply stretching my wings or testing the waters; or that my “true” colors are coming out.  I am learning this is not the case, however logical it may sound.

Red lips make me feel confident.  They say “Here I am! Look at me”.  They add definition to my face and accentuate my lips.  Plus, I just like the way it looks.  But they are also a dead give away to my struggles for when I am well I do not need the extra boost of confidence afforded by them.  This is not to say that I only wear red lipstick and dark makeup when I am emotionally down, but more often than not, that is the case.

So when you are tempted to look at some as a trollop because of their red lips, stop and consider what they might be going through and what the real purpose of their red lips is.
Happy Friday, Dear Readers!

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