For The Love of Music

Day 4:
It doesn’t take long for that ass of a devil to start sneaking in and trying to spoil good intentions.  I got 3 days down pact before he caught up to me.  However, I am not discouraged, if a little late.

Today, I am thankful for music: All Kinds of music.  Music is a way for the artist to express him, or her, or them-selves and I love the feeling and movement that exists in the melodies and lyrics.  It is also a way for others to express themselves through dancing, singing along, etc.

One thing I missed as a Mennonite was music.  Not that there isn’t music, there is.  It’s just a cappella; very beautiful, but not the same; there are no music instruments.  I find such emotion and feeling in classical music and equally as much in Nine Inch Nails.

The song that inspired this post is one of gratitude and love.  It moved me to tears this morning as I listened.  I am just so grateful for all that God has done for me.  Sometimes, it seems as though I take this life for granted and I am lost in the struggle, forgetting those around me, but I am not.  I could never go back to the way I was before Christ intervened in my life.

These thoughts and reminders keep my courage gauge from falling to E.  Not only in what He did for me, but also the way I think and feel.  They renew my convictions to stay true to God, NO MATTER the cost.  Moreover, I am reminded that while there are others in this world who have to count the cost higher than I have for following God, my cost has been great as well, and I should not minimize the “sacrifices” I have made for staying true to these convictions because they matter to God.

Giving our all, no matter if that is selling all of our possessions or losing all of our friends or enduring bodily pain, is a sacrifice worthy to God as we seek to please Him.  It is the devil who tries to make us think that what we gave up was not good enough or equal to what God was/is asking of us.

Until Tomorrow,

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