Tough Stuff, You Thankless Grump

Sunlit Gravel. Kelsi Meireis. 2015
Sunlit Gravel. Kelsi Meireis. 2015

Sheesh.  If today isn’t a Monday, I don’t know what is.  Of course, it could be an any-day and just my having a bad attitude, but seriously.  I think I am still recuperating from last week’s trials full of idiots and I am having trouble adjusting to everyday normal idiots.  It isn’t that anyone is even doing anything wrong, really.  It’s just that I am annoyed by every little word, every little movement, every little everything.  I think the devil is exasperating the situation.  I think I am exasperating the situation by letting these nudges and thoughts seep into my mind and interrupt my thought process.

I have tried, in vain, to think of something meaningful that I am thankful for today.  Alas, it has been to no avail.  This morning I asked the children what they were thankful for and the replies I received were (in order of youngest to oldest): School, School, and Weekends.  It interests me that my little ones are enthusiastic about school and my “almost” teenager is becoming enthusiastic for weekends.  Already….it starts :O ….

I said I was thankful for eye makeup remover (because quite frankly, some of that stuff is impossible to remove…am I right ladies??).  I am not sure that is a good enough answer for a blog post, though.  Then, I read an article about 7 untruths Christians believe are biblical.  I believe I tweeted about the article as well as posted it on Facebook so check it out :).

#3 Really struck me:  “We are all God’s Children”

The article states that even though God created all of us, not everyone belongs “relationally” to Him.  Only those who have repented, placed faith in Christ, and have the Holy Spirit living in them can claim Him as their father, citing Romans 8:15-16 and  Galatians 3:26-29 as references to this truth.

I am always telling myself that I must remember that so-and-so is God’s child too and God loves so-and-so just as  much as He loves me.  The latter part of this thought is probably more true than the former.  The people I speak of would  probably not even claim God as their Father if I asked; or at least, not a biblical accurate representation of the Father God.  It almost makes me pity them all the more.  Almost.

So today I am thankful that God is my Father, and that, “relationally” I can claim Him as my Father.  Because not everyone is God’s child.  Not everyone is redeemed through the blood of Christ and can claim to be join Heirs with Him.  But I can (and you can too, if you want!)… And even though I make mistakes, I am still redeemed.  He is still my Father and Jesus states:

“And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand.”
–John 10:28

He gave me eternal life and no one shall take that away.  Not even when I am a thankless grump.

Happy Monday dear friends.


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