Oversimplified Pumpkin Spice Latte Maker


It is exceedingly hard for me to come up with snappy titles for my posts.  So, I oversimplify and make myself sound a bit like a moron…I apologize for future moronic-ness in advance.  However, when I was perusing Pinterest today in an attempt to  destress myself after a moment of inability to overcome a blank brain regarding a homework question I came across some homemade Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer recipes.  DIY? Check!  Related to Autumn? CHeck!  Potential Starbucks knock-off? Mmmm….CHECK!

I am the impatient sort so I scanned various blogposts with pretty pictures of freshly mixed homemade creamers in tall mason jars for recipes.  I admit it.  In my stressed blank brain moment, I did not take the time to really read the lovely words shared by the bloggers who’s site I was tempted into visiting.  I just said to myself, “There’s a pretty picture” or “Oh! That one looks yummy!” and looked for some semblance of a recipe.

Having no time to actually scroll all the way through the post to the end (where the recipes tend to hide out….awesome way to get the reader to actually read your stuff, if you ask me :))… I simply looked for keywords such as “start out with” or “add [such and such] to” and plotted a recipe in my own head.  Cha-Ching! Found one!  I took out my lidless shaker ( while yelling for my girls to come find the lid as if my life depended on it) and started adding ingredients.

Oooooo, it says I need a can of condensed milk…GOT IT! — In goes the entire oozy-gooey contents of the can.

Pumpkin Pie Spice comes next….Well, I don’t really have any premixed; that’s okay! I’ll substitute (my favorite thing in cooking…ask my auntie who once enjoyed a lovely plate of goulash made with liquid smoke as opposed to Worcestershire sauce….yea, I’m still not living that one down…Hey! They were both dark brown liquids…that counts…right??)……In goes cinnamon; lots of cinnamon (not on purpose..just cuz the shaking got a little carried away), a dash of ginger and nutmeg, a bit more allspice, and a good kick of cloves (because I like seriously LOVE cloves).  Then I smelled it because those spices are heavenly (and I smell everything…).

Pumpkin Puree follows…. except I don’t have any pumpkin puree and my hubby says he doesn’t carry it in town…blasted luck…married to a grocery store manager and I can’t have every food imaginable?? I know…Totally not fair.  But I digress…..So I use the only pumpkin I have in the house: Pumpkin Pie filling…granted it was outdated by nearly a year (yes, I was Desperate), but upon the assurance of said grocery store manager husband, I used it anyway.  A big spoonful…about half the can…so I have some for later.

Oh yeah, I forgot…there was a squirt of maple syrup in there, too.

And to top it off I filled the container the rest of the way with skim milk.  Found the lid! (Not the product of my yelling, either, by the way.)

Secured that baby on tight and shook the soon-to-be delightful mixture like everything!  I mean getting my little wire whisky thing out of all that condensed milk was hard work!  And then I had to make sure it was well mixed (as per the instructions on the website…yes, I did read that much).  I thought my arms were going to fall off there for a moment.  I am sure I was a funny sight to behold jumping up and down and shaking side to side.  And all for some creamer……

Well, when I was finally finished, I burned exactly negative ten calories (I was thinking about its wonderful taste already so I am sure I gained ten pounds :D), hastily put some water in my Kerig and a “k-cup” (I like to think it stands for Kelsi’s Coffee pick-me-UP) and let that baby perk…or boil…or whatever it does, til its done.
Poured in some of that lovely workout I just made, stirred it up, added a little more (because it wasn’t creamy-looking enough the first go), and took a sip.  DIVINE.  I might never have to go to Starbucks again! Ehh… Who am I kidding…I’ll still go.  I tried to get my hubby to taste it…It was a no go.  Got my tween to try it though…She literally took like, a drop and gave me a dirty look along with the words, “MOM! You KNOW I don’t like coffee!!!” and ran off.  whatever people.  Whatever.  More for me.

I was immediately destressed by this lovely cup of oversimplified pumpkin spice latte.  I smiled.  I’m still smiling.  I thought about the wonderful ways I could de-stress myself in addition to this.  But most importantly, I went back to my schoolwork with a clear head and found the answer I was looking for!  Who’d have thought a cup of coffee could do all that?!

Happy Monday dear friends!

Oh, Ps.  If you’d like the real recipe you will find it here: Homemade Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer Recipe

I really just took the ingredients and dumped.  I do that a lot.  Maybe that’s why my family prefers it when I follow a recipe…or don’t cook at all…. Oh well, contemplations for the next time!

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