Meet Mox

Sometimes the best subjects are right under one’s nose.

Meet Moccasin, Mox for short.  Mother to 5 right now, about 30-35 altogether, and grandmother to at least 10 (maybe 12-15).

Yes, I see what they mean about spaying and neutering one’s pet now. :D

I would have sooner, but she keeps us in supply of good mousers and endless delights (if you’re a child) or hassle (if you’re me). She is happiest and most content when pregnant or nursing some newborns.

I am considering spaying her finally, though, because I am running out of places to give (erm….pawn…) kittens away. And because this last litter we lucked out with four little boys and one little babymaker (ie….girl)…

She is an awesome mouser… Last week she brought home a pack rat that was almost as big as she was. Before she was sucked dry by five little monsters she was bringing home mice and birds right and left.  Unfortunately, at the moment she is exhausted and scrawny, despite eating all the time, from said little monsters.

I am not a cat fan.  I have not been for some years now.  The only good cat is a mouser; all others are just conniving, trite poo-machines that scratch up everything and leave paw prints on my car.  That being said, I do love a useful, friendly feline.  Our tom, Berlioz, just turned a year old.  He is jet black with the loveliest green eyes (I attribute those to his mother) and has a lovely attitude.  Plus, he is a great catcher.

I would be quite happy if Moccasin and Berlioz were the only two cats I had for the rest of my life.  Anyway, Happy Thursday people.  I’m off to accomplish being a nice person the rest of the day.

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