Random Like that July Thundershower


Who doesn’t love a random popcorn rain shower that fills the house with the smell of moistened dirt and wet leaves??  

Like literally, random.

But I am thankful. Even after a crappy attitude day (and boy, was it ever!) God still reminds me of his love and mercy. I am not worthy to be his child, his prodigal, his redeemed.

But that makes no difference. I am saved. I am forgiven. I am loved. And so are you, dear reader. So are you!

Father, I than you for this sporadic thundershower. For your love. For your mercy. For your forgiveness.  Jesus, I love you. I want to be more like you. Help me to begin again. To forgive as You have forgiven me. Help me to control my attitude towards others and to come to You when I feel like I’m losing the battle because You have already won the war. Amen.

Happy Wednesday dear friends. I’m off to write about Muslims…. What I have learned so far anyway.

Ps. I have really missed my Nana today. Something about the weather and the coolness and the rumbling and the soft light that has lasted all day. And the smells.  I just miss my childhood. I miss her. My home. My room. Do you ever get that way? Sometimes I think heaven will remind me of my childhood, kind of. The feelings I get when I think of it. I think heaven will feel like that except without the sadness. 

2 thoughts on “Random Like that July Thundershower

  1. Beautiful, Kelsi. And yes, I have felt that way before and had odd, random moments of sensation that reminded me of childhood and my late grandparents. Sometimes it’s a smell; sometimes an image or an event or an action that my children take.

  2. I get “the crappy attitude day”! That’s how I’ve been feeling. Suppose the weather has anything to do with it? This weather is making my RA flare up and it really affects my mood as well. Like you, I am so thankful that Jesus has all of it covered, and I can rest in the assurance of his love and forgiveness. In your research about the Muslim faith, go back to how it started. And they like to say we serve the same God? It’s not even possible. The preacher, Dr. David Jeremiah, had a great sermon about muslims. He had definitely done his homework.

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