Marxism and The Bible?!

Happy Monday, Dear Readers,

As this day slowly wears away and my nasal cavities throb and pulse with pain reminding me of their existence I was led to do some reading.  It is taking FOREVER to download all of my “library” for my Logos Cloud software so I still cannot do much within the program, but as I have been trying out what I can I came across another interesting article, this one on Marxism and theology.  Now those of you who know me a little know that I loooovvveee sociology and sociology and the Bible…Best day ever!  Karl Marx was an interesting man….I think he wanted to start a revolution :D….

ANYway, this article has some great thoughts and practical truths about the differences between Marxism and the New Testament.  I do not think that the New Testament supports a Marxist view and this article lends its support.  What are your thoughts?

Unfiltered Fridays: Marxism and Biblical Theology aren’t Synonyms

Have a great rest of the day, everyone!

So, Tell Me What You Think.

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