Debunking the Great Dress Code Debate

This. Is. A. Great. Rebuttal To Those Who Think The Rest Of Us Are Infringing On Their Right To Dress How They Want As An Expression of Self. She brings up some wonderful points and the whole thing is pretty funny. I completely agree, too, by the way :D so read it! …. Seriously. Takes like 10 minutes tops :):)

Angst Anarchy

Asking men not to ogle at ladies is like asking cats not to play with strings. It’s not gonna happen.

It’s all over the news these days, young girls trying to get schools to change their dress code because they feel that it’s sexist and impinges upon their rights as human beings. While I agree that some dress codes can be a bit draconian and I do believe that the sexes should be treated with equality, I gotta say that for the most part I don’t think these girls are living in the real world.  I get it, they’re young and think they understand the world.  I was that way once too, however with age comes wisdom and I can see the flaws in their thinking.

First let’s address the fact that they are kidding themselves if they believe that the only time in their life that they will have…

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