The “One True” Churches

Did you know that there are many, many denominations that claim to be the one and only true church of God on earth?  Me either, until a week or so ago.  I will not judge, as some might, whether or not they are actually cults in sheep’s clothing, but I will share some interesting facts that were compiled by the Stoppels about the “One True” churches.  These claims ring loud and clear throughout the doctrines of all of these “churches” and if you want to know more I suggest you visit the link above, as Will and Vivian have done much research on the subject.

The Claims of all “One True” Churches:

1. Each claims to be the ONLY ONE… the only true church of God on earth…the only way to heaven.

2. Each claims to be the Restoration of Christ’s “failed” church.

3. Each claims to have the only truth and practice.

4. Each claims to be the True Church because of their unity.

5. Each teaches that neither salvation nor complete Christian life is possible outside of their group.

6. Each teaches their members to evaluate truth by feelings, impressions, proving spirits, etc.–instead of the Word of God.

7. Each claims defectors have a bad heart or foreign spirit and are arrogantly standing alone against “the Truth”.

8. Each claims anyone leaving their group is “lost”.

9. Each claims the Bible must be interpreted by their group.

10. Each imposes commandments of men and extreme legalism.

11. Each encourages submission and not questions.

12. Each lulls members to trusting “babe-like” sleep.

Safety, security, love, acceptance, unity, trust, all of these things happen inside one of these churches, until a member steps out of line.  Everyone told me that these rules were simply “guidelines” to keep me safe, but they are only “guidelines” for those in good standing with the church.  Once I asked to be expelled and raised suspicion about me, they became rules I was judged by.  My conformity meant I was on my way back to the “fold” and in right standing with God, my nonconformity meant I was deceived and spiritually dying.

I may have been sinful.  I may still be.  But I know that I know that I know that God asked me to sever my ties, to step out of the legalism and purge it out of my heart.  This is the way he asked me to do it and now I want to share with anyone that may have suffered a similar experience.  For those of you who are questioning, I say the same thing that was told to me:

Search the Scriptures, Search the Scriptures, SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES!!

If you have a true desire to learn because you want to please Him above all things, He WILL guide you into all truth! Just be prepared, for it may not be what you thought it would be…as in my situation.  How to step forward after the revelation?  Well, All I got for you is to lean hard on God.
I have been left completely and utterly alone: friends from within the church (with the exception of a few … literally a few…you know who you are…and thank you for being so Christlike) no longer call to chat or speak about Christian life… in fact, they do not call at all.  And it is fine now. I have learned to lean on God for acceptance and love.  I needed to be separated from the people to be able to grow strong enough to stand up to the accusations, etc. that come from that corner.  But in the beginning it was hard.  Really hard.  And it made me want to conform again so I could have that acceptance.
I get this almost giddy feeling every now and again, when I think about the fact that I can trust God for the next step in my life.  I cannot wait to see what He has planned for me.  I grow more and more ready every day to leave the last nine years behind me and to move forward into the future with God’s guidance and love.  Seven months ago I wasn’t even sure if I still had salvation much less a relationship with God.  I was so blind.  So so blind.  BUT THANK GOD! NOW I SEE!!  and you can too.

Much Love,

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  1. Praise God for His mercy, grace and love to you! He has delivered you from deep deception and brought you into the freedom of His glorious truth, Praise His name. I left the visible church for the same reasons, and I am thankful for Christ Jesus’ grace to me. God bless us.

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