So today I sit at my desk, beside my little heater, with the weather all windy and rainy and dreary and I love it.  But it makes for a quiet day with not much on the agenda.  I could be reading about the sale or donation of organs for my English II class that began yesterday, but I am not really in the reading mood.  So I decided to check out fouseyTube on YouTube.

This man does amazing things and makes his account a worth while venture to check out.  Today I watched one of his latest videos entitled, “What If The Homeless Gave You Money?” and the results of his social experiment shocked and saddened me.  Nevertheless, his message is a wonderful one and I highly suggest you take the 5 minutes it requires to view this vid and do it.  I have provided the video below.

How do you think?  I liked his thoughts about it being socially acceptable for the rich to give the poor money because, possibly, one is better than the other.

I just finished my first sociology class and I just simply loved it.  I would take so many more if I could and have told my enrollment counselor as much lol.

Well, I must be off and try to read some of that wonderful information on organ sales and donation… Leave me a comment with your thoughts if you have the time!


“Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less.”

— C.S. Lewis

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