Dearest iPhone….

So my reminder went off on my phone a little bit ago (as it usually does for one reason or another about this time of day), and when I looked down at it, the thing told me to write something.

“WELLLLLLLLLLL, bossy iPhone, I will.  But not to please you.  I’m doing it in spite of you and all of your sassy reminders.  I know you want to help me and encourage me, but seriously?! Sometimes I just cannot stand your holier-than-thou-I-know-you-better-than-you-know-yourself attitude.

Maybe I don’t want to write.  Or embroider.  Or write my participation posts, right now.  Maybe I want to sit on my behind and force you to entertain me with a game….a really repetitive game where I ski down a hill trying to catch llamas and consistently fall on my butt, or trip on a rock, or die in a large chasm (which, I did not see coming).

Or maybe I want you to play one song over and over until I learn all of the lyrics”….

(I love this song, btw.  It is awesome.  And the remixes are, as well.  Sometime TobyMac just hits the spot.  Anyway….)

“Maybe I want you to NOT tell me that I need to walk more or that I only managed 563 steps yesterday.  I work at an elevator, for pete’s sake.  What do you expect me to do?? Get up, go outside, and walk around the bins?  I do that when it’s nice, but is it enough for you?! Nooooooooo.  More, More, More!

Isn’t it enough that I dress you in lovely Kate Spade cases and glass screen protectors?  What more do you want from me!?”

This is a typical conversation between my dearest and I…  It’s sort of a love-hate relationship.  She has ruined me for all other phones, all other software, anything thing not Apple!

But honestly, I wouldn’t trade her for the world.


Ps.  I really hope you enjoyed the video…well, moreso the song :).  Until the next time my iPhone screams at me to write something! XOXO

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