New Shoes!

New Nails!

New Clothes!

New Hair!

Can anyone guess the trend?

I feel wonderful though…,

Another symptom.

Upped the Lithium today.

As well as the Seroquel.

A need has arisen.

To calm me down before full-blown mania sets in.

Calm down?!

Who wants to calm down?!


Some people are so loud.

I have a paper to finish.

I do not want to, though:

I cannot concentrate really.

There’s a meeting for work tonight .

I hope I don’t freak out.

Anxiety meds will be a must.

Lots of people I’m not well acquainted with will be present and my rock will not be there with me.

God will be.  Jesus will be.

I need to be more spiritual and less dependent on physical things.

Random thought.

I want to start volunteering at the Denver Rescue Mission. I’m excited even.  I have a few ladies that would like to go with me as well.  We will see if I am allowed to go…..

Probably oughta get stable first.

Slow down.

Get off the Spreed.

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