How Do You See YOU??



Here I sit,

Doing my homework,

Reading through the forum looking for something to reply to for participation credit,

And lo, and behold!  I come across these amazing (and sort of hilarious) thoughts from the teacher!

Granted, I always read the teacher’s posts, but this one is amazing!



And making me feel a little old…..

Some people seriously do not know about photo negatives?

What has happened?!

Anyway, on with it:


Some of you remember that back in the day, cameras used to take something called negatives. If you looked at the negative of your picture, you would want to throw it away, because it was an awful, discolored, distorted shot of you. Years ago, a girlfriend of mine took me to develop some pictures that she had taken at the beach. The first thing she did was to take the pictures into the dark room. You see, the image she really wanted originated in the negative but to reveal the positive image she desired, the dark room was a must. Now that was not all, because after the positive image she desired came into focus, the picture had to be immersed into a vat of acid. In the same way for us, the positive image we desire needs not only the dark room experience but also needs immersion into the acid.

So in life, at first the negatives appear undesirable, good only for the trash. But the positive image we long for deep in our souls is found in the dark room involving the acids of life. Even the dark room experiences when we feel alone and rejected by God, are actually and in reality part of God’s plan to fix the positive image we desire, and the positive image that He already see’s in us. Remember there are never any wasted experiences from God’s perspective, and how He sees you is often much different than how you see you, so try to always look at YOU from HIS perspective…this will keep you truly focused and centered on the real you.

Professor Greene”

Now ~that~ is an encouragement straight from God for me today.

I know growing spiritually is tough.  I expected it.  I asked for it.  And it was tough to be expelled from the membership…But there has been a blessing so wonderful and semi-unexpected.  I can hear the Lord when he asks me to do something for him.  I failed the first time, because I was so nervous and did not want to come out of my shell (he asked me to offer to carry a young lady’s tray of food at McDonald’s and I was so nervous about talking to a stranger–albeit a very kind looking stranger–that I chickened out and felt guilty for two days afterward), but now I know what to watch for and what it feels like when he is nudging me.  I am calmer, happier, I do not feel so much pressure to conform.  I am searching for where He wants me to be and I want to do it in His time, however difficult that time might be for me to accept.

I know what I did was the right thing.

I know that God was asking me to be honest with the Church, as well as myself. It is difficult to go there, to see the ladies in their head coverings, and for me to realize that I need to hang back a bit so that I do not cause anyone to unintentionally sin by not keeping the avoidance (which is NOT shuning, by the way).  But it will all be worth it in the end.  I simply must keep my eye on the prize and not give into temptation (which of late has been one of being offended, BUT I am refusing to give into it as much as I am able and praying for grace to cover the rest).

Okay, now that I have spent the better part of my school time blogging I will be off and finish my work.

I am happy to have all of you dear people!

Most Sincerely Yours,

PS. I was invited to join (and accepted) the National Society for Collegiate Scholars!  Yay me :)))))

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