On My Way Down

Just a little something I wrote out the other day. I am finding that when I have the urge to write I should stop & do it immediately. It helps tremendously once my thoughts are all out.
This little ditty exactly describes how I have been feeling lately. Also. I am probably going to be expelled from my church tomorrow, which is right & what I asked for, but the meeting we had the other night made me feel like shit; like there is no hope for me: Which IS NOT TRUE, but I still feel that way.

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3 thoughts on “On My Way Down

  1. Kelsi this makes me sad:( I wish there was a way for you to find your way without being expelled:(( maybe this is what God sees needs to be done so he can complete his work in you! You are precious in His sight! Love you lots!!

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    1. Me too, but God is there through every valley and He is guiding me through this one. And I think this should have happened a while ago, then I would not be here now, but that is okay. All in God’s timing. He kmows what I need and has shown me part of the way. Don’t give up on me, I’m not :) and neither is God! I hear him more now than I did before. I really was consumed by the form and whether or not I was making the grade. Now I can focus on growing in my Christian life and finding God. Love you, too!!!


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