Anndd A Month Later She Returns….

And I am truly sorry for that.  The new medication made me sick for like 3-4 weeks… my blood pressure went really low and I constantly felt as if I was going to pass out when I stood up or laid down or moved too quickly… it was YUCKY!  Then I got another bladder infection and had to take 5 days of IV antibiotics followed by 10 days of oral.  And to make things even more fun I found out I needed to have surgery to have a cyst removed from inside my abdomen.

I had surgery last Thursday and have been at home recuperating since.  It was only a laparoscopic procedure and I went home the same day, but it has beat me!  The cyst was on my right side on a muscle wall and that has caused pain whenever I cough, yawn, sneeze, breathe deep, belch, fart, or move too quickly.  I have went without pain meds today though, so hopefully things are on the mend.  PLUS I am REALLLY tired of lying around and being unable to clean or do anything.

School resumes tomorrow for me and I am kind of nervous.  I know I needed to take the two week break, but I kind of wish I would have just pushed through.  School for the girls began last Tuesday and I thought I would have the whole week to enjoy the quiet peace with nothing much to do, but that didn’t happen!  I have a new schedule I want to try out and I am hoping it will work, but I am terrible at keeping schedules and being on time.

It includes waking at 540am and being dressed before 7am… GULP! I Like my sleep… But it also includes plenty of time in the morning for chores and school work so that I have the afternoon free to sew and craft.  My mind is feeling better and I am in high hopes of making some fall crafts to sell or just enjoy myself.  Sitting around these last few days has also reminded me of some unfinished embroidery projects I could work on if I get too tired to stay up and busy.

Well, I better run.  I have little girls and pups to put to bed as well as myself (if I really want to get up at 0540!) 


6 thoughts on “Anndd A Month Later She Returns….

  1. I was just thinking about you today, and wondered why I hadn’t seen any posts from you in my newsfeed recently. I’m sorry you’ve had such a tough time of it. Lots of cyber hugs (is that too strange/creepy? sorry!) and prayers for your well-being.

    1. Laura, Thanks for all those cyber hugs! I need ’em and did not find them creepy or strange in the least :). Things are getting better by the day and I am thankful to God for that! Hopefully, things will continue on and October will be a month of staying at home and having peace, rest, and quiet.

  2. I’m sorry you’ve had such a horrible time! I’ve missed your online presence, Kelsi! We just met and I was loving this blog and then you vanished! I was worried. Its so good to see you back! God bless! <3

    1. Hi Amanda! I’m sorry it has taken me this long to reply to your comment :(. I am glad to hear from you. I have missed being here. It is getting better at home. Things are still pretty busy, but getting back to normal slowly. I have lots to talk about, but finding the time to sit and share has been hard. We should catch up sometime :). See you soon!

    1. Awe thanks Tony! I’ve been thinking about you lots lately and I have shared some of the verses and thoughts in your book with my (mostly) non-believing sister who is in a mess right now and it has helped her.
      I think things are starting to look up for myself… I have recently realized that part of my struggle spiritually lies in the fact that I have had a religion and not a true relationship with God for the last year or so… Now that I see this I am looking for God in my life again and there has been healing it that.

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